Canada’s Capital is home to a rich collection of Irish sports organizations. Irish games including, Gaelic Football, Hurling, Camogie and Rugby are all a part of the athletic landscape in Ottawa.

Ottawa Gaels

Ottawa Gaels LogoThe Ottawa Gaels Gaelic Football club was founded in 1975  by a group of Irishman, led by Galway man and ICCCOTT board member, Pat Kelly. The club aims to promote Men’s, Ladies & Youth Gaelic Football, as well Irish culture in Ottawa and the National Capital Region.

For Irish emigrants, the Ottawa Gaels club offers a home away from home and for Canadians of Irish heritage, the opportunity to connect with the Irish community and culture.

The Gaels’ Youth football program, which was started in 2000 has been hugely successful

There is no other school board outside of Ireland that offers Gaelic Football in Phys Ed. Each year over 300 Gr 7 & 8  boys and girls play in a on day city-wide tournament.

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Eire Og Hurling

10423795_719140518147448_5444533233401233216_n-2Hurling and Camogie has a long and proud tradition in Canada’s Capital, through the Eire Og Hurling club. The club is an engaged member of the Irish Community in Ottawa. The organization has been active in promoting the development of Hurling and Camogie for youth throughout the city.

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Ottawa Irish Rugby Club

irish-216x300The Ottawa Irish Rugby Club (OIRC) was founded in 1963 and plays, develops and promotes the sport of Rugby Union in the Ottawa area. The OIRC’s home field is Twin Elm Rugby Park (TERP), which is located in the west end of the city. Most games in the Ottawa area was played on Saturdays throughout the summer and fall. TERP is world-class facility, which is co-owned by the OIRC, with three other clubs.

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